Iceland Travel Tech

Iceland Travel Tech // 2023

celand Travel Tech is a matchmaking event between tourism companies and technology and solution providers. The tourism sector is one of the most growing industries in the world, but it has been hit hard in the last two years. In the meantime, all kinds of digital and technical solutions have been developed to be better suited to answer the growing demand of customers to have more security, for the destinations to have better management regarding nature and for the changing recruitment of people into the industry.

The event will have a strong focus on challenges and opportunities regarding three main topics:  STAFF – EXPERIANCE & the MARKET.

STAFF: Travel tech can provide many benefits to people in the travel industry, from reducing workload and improving efficiency to providing new opportunities for innovation and growth. By embracing travel tech, travel industry professionals can stay competitive and better serve their customers in an ever-changing landscape.
EXPERIANCE: Travel tech can play a significant role in enhancing the guest experience by providing a range of tools and services that make travel more convenient, personalized, and enjoyable. By embracing the right tech, hotels and travel companies can provide guests with a more seamless and personalized travel experience, from the moment they book their trip to the moment they return home.

MARKETING: Travel tech plays a crucial role in marketing for the travel industry, by providing innovative tools and solutions to help reach and engage potential customers. From Social media, SEO to the use of ChatGPT.

The event will be mixed in Icelandic and English.

Iceland Travel tech is a cooperation between the Iceland Tourism Cluster and The Icelandic Tourism Board.

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For more information: asta.kristin@icelandtourism.is