The main objective of the Tourism Cluster Initiative is to promote competitiveness and value creation within the Icelandic tourism industry, and to develop a co-operating forum for different stakeholders where the main focus is on linking them together and opening up for interaction between them.

The members of Iceland Tourism Cluster Initiative are 45 from all over the value chain of Tourism. The cluster network  consists of travel agents, tour operators, hotels, attractions and activities, restaurants, airlines, public relations, IT solutions, maintenance service, engineer service, banks, foreign exchange, law firms, educational institutions and retail.

The members of the Iceland Tourism network agree to:

  • Enhance and reinforce collaboration and cooperation
  • Increase innovation in the tourism business
  • Improve professionalism and quality
  • Strengthen the infrastructure
  • Be responsible in their work

The cluster network has agreed on three focus projects that are connected to the objectives and goals of the co-operation.

These projects are:

  • Investment in Tourism (for more innovation, better knowledge and quality)
      –    Radar – competent project for established companies
      –    Startup Tourism – ten week startup accelerator for entrepreneurs in tourism
  • Responsible Tourism
       –    A declaration on responsible tourism for companies in the value chain of Tourism
       –    Workshops and lectures for participants
  • Regional development and Networking
       –    Energy and Tourism
Service and benefits for members
  • Business matchmaking, project development, business development.
  • Workshops, meetings, seminars, working group meetings, network building.
  • Members promotion through channels of the cluster and network.
  • Regular briefing on related matters in development of tourism regarding events, seminars, grants, ect.
  • Participation in programs and trainings organised in the cluster network.
  • Other services developed in the cluster network.
asta kristin
Ásta Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir