The Radar (The Radar) is a specific tool intended for tourism executives and related industries who want to increase their innovation capacity, accelerate important change processes and gain increased overview and the ability to develop products and services. The Icelandic travel group leads the project in collaboration with the relevant parties at any given time.

A partner in the implementation is RATA Consulting.

Among the topics that are discussed:

• Innovation and product development

• Marketing and target groups

• Sustainability and responsible tourism, digital development and technological revolution in companies

• Changing times and opportunities – the buying decision cycle

• Founders’ dream – purpose and goal setting

• Websites – how does my site excel?

• Stress management

• Brand management

• Rethink the business model

• Creative thinking as a tool for progress

• Competitiveness and uniqueness analysis, for example.

Among the main benefits that current companies in Radjan mention with their participation in the project are:

• Sharpen the focus on the issues that need to be considered in the short term.

• Give yourself new tools to work with into a new reality.

• Help you dive into the core of your business and reorganize processes.

• Give yourself the opportunity to reflect among peers who are in the same position.

• Identify new business opportunities with the help of product development and innovation.

• Train yourself and key executives in change management, increased sustainability and new ways of digital travel.

• Greatly increase the network and cooperation between the participating parties.